Shortcut to > 10k - What's the best method?

Hi all

I’m coming from a relativ small country where a 10k following is already kind of big. I am looking to grow 1 or 2 IG accounts to >10k. The content (in my opinion and others) is good, but its hard these days to grow on IG.

What is in your opinion the best and fastest way to grow to > 10k?

  • Buying shoutouts (if so, where? travel and photography niche)
  • Buying an existing account with real followers? (if so, where?)
  • M/S? (currently started warming up some accounts)

Im open for other suggestions :slight_smile:

Shoutouts is the quickest way but the most expensive.

Thanks for your reply. But what would be good sources for shoutout pages? im stuggelin with that part.

I think Giveaways can be cheaper, and as fast as shoutouts.

Eventho i’m not for Giveaways, it will give you the numbers ehe

Where can those be found?

Follow/Unfollow and shoutouts
The best way to buy shoutouts is to contact larger accounts with a very good engagement rate

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