Should I build a home gym?

Been lifting for 7 years straight now, going to admit this quarantine has been a good rest for my body… However, I’m super addicted to lifting and feel depressed without the gym…

Is it worth buying a squat rack, bench, barbell, and plates? Or should I wait…?


It’s absolutely worth it. But I’m biased :eyes::joy:

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100 percent.!

If you can afford the initial outlay - in my case it was about 1.5 years worth of gym membership - it is well worth it. I’ve had my home gym for around 5 years, so I’ve already made a profit! :sweat_smile:

Aside from money, you never have to wait for a machine/weights/rack, and you can do it whenever you like. For me the easiest time to get it done was roll out of bed, inhale a banana and then straight into the gym.

All you need is a squat rack, bench, barbell, and plates, and maybe some olympic dumbbells to give you some extra versatility. If you can get a rack with a pull up attachment you are sorted for life! Plus you can add to it whenever you need.


Definately build one. Its pretty rough doing calisthetics and dumbells, im starting to lose my caluses.

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Do it! A squat rack and bench are all I’ve needed. Now I do deadlifts when I put the laundry on (worth it!).

But seriously, getting the equipment and plates aren’t insanely expensive, and for the convenience and not having to wait for people, it’s amazing. Climate control is my dream.

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Dude me too! I feel atrophied a bit too, but I started eating more carbs (cuz its hard not snacking when youre always home) and I feel like i gained a bit of size back

Seem like all the fitness equipment in Toronto are backordered or sold out… ugh

Switch to calisthenics man. Always been a gym rat and have gotten the best results of my life with a pair of gymnastics rings this quarantine. BW for life haha

Pretty much that’s all I’m doing… Got a pull up bar, and resistance bands with handles, pretty much it…

I have made mini gains but def miss the iron.

I got 3 sets of dumbells with an adjustable bench and a treadmill. Surprisingly I have been able to keep most of my gains but I’m sure with time I will lose them. I got all my equipment used under $300 and that included the treadmill.

Used im guessing? People are seriously over pricing their shit on kijiji and fb marketplace. Ugly ass brown weights from the 70s and shit going for 100s of dollars

yeah, but they were from family friends who dont workout so I got them at the normal cost. Crazy how people are over pricing antique workout equipment. :joy:

I know brother, everyone is just trying to make a buck from this situation!

Dumbell wise I was looking at powerblocks but they’re mad expensive.

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They are super spendy! buuuttt so convenient… Buy once cry once :sweat_smile:

Honestly, I do mobile personal training too, so taking them to client houses would be amazing.

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I haven’t been focusing much on health in past several years due to work. But recently added bunch of equipment to my home gym and its been doing wonders in this corona phase, now I workout 3-4 hours a day and its been a significant part of my schedule in keeping me busy. Since this is going to last for few months until things are back to normal, its definitely going to be alot helpful. Also I lost some fat in last few weeks. Definitely go for it.

All the strength equipment is sold out online in Canada, and everyone overpricing the shit out of used crappy equipment on kijiji / fb marketplace. Shit out of luck. Awesome glad you are working out that much, 3-4 hours is a lot!

Yeah, I am still overweight by 15-20Kg. Began with 20mins a day just few weeks back and kept adding 5 minutes everyday and now I do it 1.5-2 hours twice a day. Lost 6 kg so far already. Made changes to diet adding up nutrition and cutting down on carbs. I was lucky to get the equipment 3 days before lockdown began here, and since it was quite instant plan by government, there was no surge in prices. Now one cannot even buy it here online, only essentials are being sold online/offline both.


Buy it bro because even when the quarantine will be over, you’ll still be able to use them.

Also, maybe you’ll start liking working from home and will continue doing it even after the quarantine.

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Get a pull up bar and tie a TRX to it, if you dont want a pull up bar you can install a TRX on the door. You can do a full workout with it.