Should I Buy Followers Before Automating?


So I’ve opened an IG marketing agency. We just opened shop and have a couple clients mainly from sub accounts and word of mouth.

Being that we’re new… our account following is only in the 500’s (We’re automating). I know buying followers is RARELY the answer…


Do you think it may be a good move to buy followers for social proof and continue automating??? Being that our business is growing the followings of others, I think it could hurt us if we continue automating at this rate…


It all depends on the sophistication of your clients.

If you are attracting mid to high-end, typically these are people with at least some basic understanding of social media and IG. If they spot that your are faking your numbers - you are dead in the water. It is not logical to explain to someone that you won’t do that with their account.

If you are attracting clients who don’t really have a clue - buy away.

I think quality if always better, but again, depends on your clients.



But then again, most of the big prospects (potential clients) we have ran across have ghost followers as well. But you’re right it’s that initial impression that counts.

I can’t think of any other growth methods that will boost our following at a quick rate though… powerlikes will help but I don’t think they’ll be the answer.

No. Never. Take a screen shot of your initial 500 followers. Update in stories with your growth. If anyone calls you out then say this:

We would love to grow our own Instagram, but we are too busy growing client accounts which is very time consuming. So we have two choices, fluff our IG up or do real work on your account.

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So are you saying buy the followers but have them filter in on a drip feed basis, and then document that process? I like that…

I mean at the end of the day I’m not really concerned about our engagement rate, and its more so a platform that filters traffic to our site…

Fatal, fatal – one more time – fatal.
you may not care – the people who get your service look at this #1. if they see hardly or no engagement , they will think you are a joke.


sounds like a damned if If I do… damned if I don’t situation…

what do you suggest??

gain access to level 2 and you will have all the info you need.


I’m new… how does one do that??

You said you use automation?

Yes, I do…

No. I’m saying never buy followers. Just grow your account and document the growth from 500 to 1000 to 2000 to 5000 to 10,000 to 20,000 to 40,000.

And not caring about engagement is wrong as well. Engagement is the #1 hottest topic. Followers is so 2014.

People aren’t idiots. They look for this shit.

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Which software?


which is why me buying the following would be for social proof, nothing else.

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A little paranoid aren’t you? :smiley:

Anyway: You already got all the answers you need.

You have a lot to learn my friend. I wish you the best. I tried to save you some time, but your philosophy is from years ago. Social proof means shit with fake followers. I can spot fakes in seconds if I’m trying to gage if I want to work with a company based on if they have a strong following (which is never).

Better buy real niche-based likes than fake followers. Try Fuelgram powerlikes, it will get you on the explore feed of relevant people and get you followers organically.