Should I buy or rip a landing page?

What are the cons of ripping a landing page instead of buying it?

Aside from copy right issues you could run into from what I know most ripping requires a website to be in HTML, so that could pose a problem if the website is formatted differently. I’d suggest just spying on competitor’s pages and then taking ideas and implementing them into your own website. Create a site using clickfunnels or something similar and then you always have creative control to make adjustments.

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do what’s easiest so you can test fast, and then when you know what to do be legit and make your own.

It’s always a SHOULD buy.
If you can rip fast and all works, why not.
Yet, I prefer buying as it could save me tons of time figuring out what is the issue when LP not work.
Especially, LP which have server side script like php or others are slower to rip and put together to work.