Should I do follow unfollow with own real account?

Hey guys,

Do someone here do follow unfollow with his real instagram account to gain more followers?

What is your experience with this idea?

Yeah, it’s still a viable strategy for growing, especially early on.

How many followers do you currently have and what niche are you in?

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Yes it still works. How many followers are you trying to gain a week?

Yes I do. And as long as you keep it within your accounts daily limits, you will be perfectly fine.
Notice I mention your accounts daily limit, as each account has it’s own threshold.

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My niche is fitness and gym etc.

What do you think which people should I follow and which people will potentially follow back?

I have some holiday and gym pictures uploaded, male and 27 years old.

In the end of the day it depends on what you want to achieve.

Do you want to be famous?
Do you want to convert people into customers?
Do you want to sell shoutouts?

All of those goals have a different approach. Only knowing that you want to get followers has a high chance you will take the wrong path.


I only want to gain follower. I’m thinking wether girls would follower rather than boys.

Try to find similar accounts in the fitness niche (male users) that have decent number of followers, then follow their followers or users who liked and commented on their post.

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Girl/Woman accounts will not help because the guys mostly men follow her to see her hot pictures right?

So I have to focus on Males like you said

if you want to have female followers, you can follow males accounts you will most likely find more females there.

Yes, exactly. I’m sure there are also male accounts among their followers that would be interested in your contents and follow you.

Mostly men follow male fitness accounts, especially if the niche is fitness advice. If your account is more physique/personality driven, you can tip the scale towards female followers

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yeah man I agree. Unless you have a physique like Jeff seid or Callum von moger you may get some female attention but most females folllow actors etc and people they aspire. Men follow woman for other reasons. I run fitness account as well and most of my follower are men and im a lot bigger and leaner those most of the guys at the gym.

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