Should I go for ip4v proxies or mobile 4g?

Hi everyone,

Been lurking on this forum for a while, Mobile 4g proxies are very expensive, would I be fine with ip4v proxies if yes, what kind should I get?

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They both can be IPv4. Think you are referring to datacenter proxies as “IPv4”.
What to choose? Depends on your use case. Spamming? Datacenters. Client management? 4G.

Too expensive? You are pricing your services too low :slight_smile:


would recommend you the 4g mobile proxies if you doing client management


Did you just answer yourself? :wink:


Thanks guys, I am using it too bot for my website. so want it too last a long time. so Il go for the 4g.

What do you need these proxies for?

Definitely for customer management a 4g proxy possibly in your country.
For spam there are many other possibilities such as mobile raw (a modem dedicated exclusively to you), for the rest I advise against everything because you will have many limitations and continuous problems.

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For spam, slave accounts -> IPv4 Proxies
Build HQ page, Main accounts -> 4G Proxies

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4g could be almost at the same price as Datacenters if you found the right sellers. Hit @HenryCooper a PM, he has 4Gs at fair price

Not true, please don’t misslead people! Only if you have 15-20 accounts on 1 raw mobile proxy which I wouldn’t recommend if you don’t know what you’re doing!

Mislead people? Look at highproxies, their DC cost $3,20 per one, Henry can provide you 1:1 4G proxy for client management for $4. Who is misleading? I said ALMOST. I didn’t say they are cheaper

Whenever i’ve used IPV4 for even spam they don’t seem to last all that long :frowning:

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We were talking about spam accounts tho, not about client management, for cm obviously 4g is the way to go, but it’s not allowed to use hc $4 proxies for spam accounts. And high proxies are super bad anyway, there are enough dc proxies out there for $1-$1.5 that are way better than that…

Can’t find where OP mentioned he need them to spam, he told he want the proxy for his accounts to last longer. But well, I think it’s enough discussed already and he can make decision

Sorry if I misunderstood you man, but did you say mobile raw (like $20/month mobile raw from Henry) for spam accounts?

I had understood that mobiles proxies would be good for Client Management…

Like Henry`s, for example:

  • Mobile 1acc
  • Raw Mobile < 5-15acc (depending on your skills)

So mobile would be good for CM and ipv4-ipv6 DC to spam…

I am justing asking you because I got really confused! Thank you in advanced!

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raw mobile 4g/lte proxies are available from $4 per month for 1 account
accounts will be checked by provider before you get your ip’s
no spam accounts allowed

And what proxie/s should be used for 20 slave accounts? (To build a personal brand mother account)

These for $4 are not raw mobile, they are 1:1 mobile or smth like that by HC
Raw mobile is when you get the whole modem for $20 (in HC case) and you can run multiple accounts on it

Test everything, some people use raw mobile, some ipv4 dc, some even ipv6, just have to test a lot and figure it out for yourself, no one is going to share his provider, that’s how valuable good proxies are nowadays :wink: