Should I just delete all my posts?


I have a 38k follower dessert food account on Instagram. It was purchased. The account owner left about 200 posts on the account that have 3,000 likes on each post. Impressive.

When I obtained the account, I immediately began comment, like, follow, and unfollow operations on it. I’m posting 4 times a day now and on my posts I’m receiving 500 likes per post. Some accounts receive less. That’s about 6 times less than the original owner’s posts.

However, posting several times a day and engaging with other accounts means that I’m successfully raising my own followers. The account was given me at 37k, now it’s nearing 38k, for example. I signed up the account to Shoutcart today and am playing on doing paid shoutouts for people on there.

The plan here is to do paid promotions on the account. I would of course want the buyer to see that I have 3,000 likes on a pic, not 500. If possible, as well, I would like to continue growing the account. What’s the best course of action here? I can either:

  1. Stop posting new pics altogether, delete all my “500 likes” pics(so that my gallery only has the 3,000 likes ones), and only run like and follow operations.

  2. Delete all my “500 likes” pics and delete any new pic I posted 5 or 6 hours I post it(but still post 4 times a day)

Any ideas?

you have the sweet profile right?
you gotta figure out what did the last owner to continue the progress
never buy accounts with out this info…
and for the thread i would not delete nothing yet, figure out whats working the best for
you and if you getting more likes you can delete few weak posts
good luck homie

Check the account’s stats to approx be able to evaluate how many time was needed to hit the 3K likes per post.

Posting more is not always the best solution

For now I would suggest you to not delete your posts but don’t post anymore and wait until your posts hit a decent likes amount

I don’t know the original account owner at all. For all I know he could have bought the likes.

Another Idea is to

  1. Get all the usernames of the follower
  2. Get the usernames of the likers and commenters
  • get 5 post from your 500 likes post and 5 post too on those 3k likes post.
  1. Export and Mark duplicate values in excel

If those 2500 lost likes is not your followers then

  1. He might have a subscription of BOmb likes
  2. He might be using Engagement Groups in Telegram

If those 2500 likes are from the followers
Then your content is fucked up.

Hope this can solve your probs :slight_smile:


yea i thought also about this, he might drive some engagement

The buyer will quickly find out that you were not completely honest. The result will be unhappy clients who will not come back.

And if I was interested I would check your posts, and ask you why a good account getting 3000 likes on each post didn’t post anything new in the last months. It would look strange to me, and you would need to give a very good answer to explain this.

If this account has fake likes… Can it be that a part of the followers are also fake, bought ?

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