Should I make new account, followers are too diverse

Good afternoon,

I started TikTok 2 months ago, and have got 1.1k followers and my most vids vid is 30k views. I have made my followers by making 5-9 different styles of tiktoks, but now I am finding the most success with Riddle videos, but my followers aren’t engaging. I have also deleted about 12 videos Over the last month…

I can’t get any videos to get over 5k views, should I start fresh with a new follower base? Does deleting vids make an impact? I’ve hit a wall

It is still really early to worry about that if you only have 1k. Keep trying to go viral.

Video DOES impact your account. Do less deleting, just private them.

As for your videos… I’m not 100% certain just because I can’t see your content or your profile. If you’d like, post it here and I’ll give some advice.


Even if I have deleted like 15 videos so far? It won’t keep me at a lower viewer count will it??