Should I post pictures or videos on football niche page?


Ive got a 45k football page on instagram 25% engagement.

Idk if i should post videos or picturewa. Photos get tons of engagement but not that many followers. Like a 8k likes video gets me 100new followers and a 25k likes pictures gives the same

Even if videos go viral it gives me 1k per videos

So yeah pictures for more engagement or vidros for q chanfe of more new followers?

Maximize engagement always

So i should post pictures?

anyone that can give me some advice?

This right here.

It’s the best advice you will get.

That said, posting ONLY for technical reasons like having more of this or less of that is probably not a good option either.

I would simply balance with 75% of photos (for engagement) and 25% videos (for the traction it gives you).