Should I remove followers from India?

Hey, I have an account with 50k followers and I get around 11-12% ER. The problem is that 27% of my audience are from India and 22% from the US which is something I really don’t want to happen.

This account was supposed to focus mainly on the US market and yet I keep getting people from India. Especially on my stories, when I do polls most of the engagement are from indian people which kinda annoys me.

My question is, should I try to remove all my followers from India? Or should I just keep going? I’m growing around 500-600 followers a day.

PS: this account is in the entrepreneur/ motivation niche

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If these followers are useless for you and lower your engagement rate then yes you can delete them

the percentage is to high to effectively remove them without damaging your account. start a new one.

what if they engage with my account? are they useless anyways?
I was thinking of running some shoutouts from bigger pages where I put my account on private and only accept non-Indian people, would that work?
I always had this question, because a lot of Indian people actually engage with my content but I’ve heard that people from India aren’t good followers because they will never buy from you. What do you guys think?

its kinda hard to decide and removing them would do more harm to your e.r i would try other things to attract us audience such using location hashtags & hashtag small us region and instead of removing the indians try to adapt and make an offer tailored for them cus in the end its how you adapt yourself to survive so focus on that removing them is easy but costy and the easy solutions are not worth it

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This thread is so offensive i’m ashamed to be a privileged white male…!

@Drav hahaha almost not sure if you’re serious or not with present white privilege culture. Apart from that i have to admit that somehow (pls explain me why) indian DM’s have ALWAYS been about looking for a friendship, love or wife.

With those kind of numbers you can’t really remove them all without hurting your trust score (Doing so would probably stagnate your growth). Even if followers from Third World Countries isn’t your focus which is understandable they will still give you social proof and a most-likely higher engagement (If they aren’t inactive/fake accounts and they did follow you because they are interested in what you do)