(Should I) Sell working dropship stores including the marketing Social media accounts

Hey Community, long time no see :slight_smile:

I have a thought going through my head for quite a while now and would like to know if there is any interest before actually making a marketplace thread.
I am running a few hundred working, highly profiting dropship stores.
All of these are NOT based on shopify or anything you have to pay for.

Honestly, I don’t have the time to get all these shops running at their maximum level…
Especially because they already have huge followerships on social media that would need care and a senseful posting. (XX.XXX to X.XXX.XXX followers depending on the individual shop)

I feel like wasting a lot of money by not doing so, but I honestly just dont have the time to do better. There are so many projects on my side at the moment… and really taking care of each store with HQ uploads, new products now and then, sales etc. is just too much for this amount of shops…

So I basically thought it might be a great idea to sell them.
The whole working, proven profit making shop including all the social media accounts associated and a guide for you on how I made them profitable step by step.

The benefit for you would be that someone that actually dedicates the time to put some heart in it…
(While I basically look on each shop Social media once a month to see if something in posting is wrong :joy:)
… could probably double the sales on each shop easily + you would learn how to pull it off…

The benefit for me is that I hopefully get rid of the shops at a reasonable profit and dont have to put further work on shops that make me go crazy every time I think about how a missmanage them.

My question is:
Is there anyone interested in the model?
Another concern is that I obviously have to be quite “high” priced, since it makes no sense for me to sell a working business for a price less than what I would earn by just missmanaging it further.

If the resonance is positive I would probably set it up in the next few days here in the marketplace area.

I would be very happy about any reply, any thoughts on the topic and in genereal any feedback

David out :slight_smile:

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Fact - people will buy it.
Fact - if you have everything on autopilot those stores “brands” are just going to grow

Question - How comfortable are you with the model, and are you sure it will keep working?

It’s kind of quick cash vs long-term investment, but then again i know shit about e-commerce so it’s just my thoughts, but i am pretty sure that you have already made your mind and just looking for a kick to the butt :cop:

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i would be more than interested

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@mindeswx Thanks for the input.
Thats basically the issue. I rather have the feeling like my social media is growing but I dont profit of it due to the same products being promoted over and over again. I made a few tests implementing new products that boosted the sales.
But the work for doing so is bringing in less profit than other projects.
I feel like not selling them off would lead to bored users unfollowing leaving me huge accounts without engagement and in the end and waste the potencial.

@KingAGroup Thank you. I will open the thread as soon as I find time to write adnan and thought about the exact pricing and details.


I would be interested also. You would probably need to provide a good framework as people would be concerned about sales/profit stopping after buying the sites.

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@ATCMedia Thanks! :slight_smile: The more people write the easier it is for me to get the motivation to write it asap :slight_smile:

The framework will not be an issue. I can document the sales of each store and know exactly where the sales come from. I can easily pass this information over to any mp-member without any loss in quality.

David :slight_smile:

Hello :slight_smile: i am for sure interested :slight_smile: living also now in Munich? :slight_smile: i am from Frankfurt :slight_smile:

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I think you would need to show potential buyers how to maintain/grow the business to get the best price. Also, work out the merchant accounts or billing to transfer over.
I have done tons of ecommerce over the years so will be happy to help.

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The best thing about it is that these business are full ready to go. And they run in the background passively. Nothing more needed than the account and the settings to maintain.

I will work out a strat to grow it further tho. Shouldve come to my mind already :slight_smile:
Thanks alot already! :slight_smile:

Yes, I actually live in Munich! :slight_smile:

I actually wrote Adnan already by now regarding the general approval :slight_smile: