Should I start a new account or revive an aged dead account? (17k followers)?

Hello guys,

I’ve not been on this forum for 2+ years now. It’s good to be back!

Basically I have a shopify store and I want to use IG to drive traffic to my store. I’m going to use Jarvee to get a few more reach, likes and followers.

I have an aged account (17k followers) which I grew back in 2017-2019 using F/UF but I have stopped posting on this account for almost 2 years. I posted few photos yesterday and today, and received about 100 likes per photo. Also, I’m bleeding atm and currently loosing 100 followers on a daily - I think it’s because the niche is different and I’ve also changed the name of the page and deleted my previous posts.

Should I start a brand new IG account for my business or is it possible try to revive this dead account?

Any help would be much appreciated.


Start new. Not one of your followers will ever remember you. The niche change!! ( bad, bad mistake) name change mostly prove fatal to your account. You had a good chance to revive it with OG name. Nope, you done buried it alive,

Edit – just saw you changed niches. It is a goner.

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Thanks for the advice! The previous niche was women’s travel and the new niche is women’s fashion streetwear - I thought I could revive this account because most of my followers are women. I thought it’s worth a try as I wasn’t using the account anyway for couple of years now.

The posts are getting 1,500 reach to 2,500 reach from the home page - I know that’s really poor but considering this account has not been active for a couple of years is interesting.

I’m gonna listen to your advice and I will start from scratch again :slight_smile:

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Keep on posting in rebranded account. You never know if it can be a success. Anything is possible, l did what you did to a few accounts and majority failed. One actually took off after 9 months of posting

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It’s going to be a rough go for your old account if you’re treating it as your main. You can probably start fresh and get a new account to scale quicker, especially with low engagement/follower drop off on the old.

It’s still worth seeing what the old account does though, and it could be decent as a slave, it just seems too risky to treat as your main account if you want to start selling via your store.

You can recover, the question is if it’s worth spending 3 months or can you grow a new account in that time. You have to like/comment consistently.
Gather all your likers on recent pics and like their photos. If you have a scraper get the most recent active from all your followers. like like like.

Once you finish spend the next two months interacting with recent posts from a hashtag. You will gain 100 likes per month. It may take 3 or more months.

If your goal is to sell a product and your customers are located in a country with not visible likes I would stick to that account and try pushing content with other methods, since the only metric your followers can see is the number of followers. You can also target those 17k followers with other accounts to remind them about your existence.

Set the like tool to like the posts of your followers. When you actively engage them to interact with your account you have a good chance of reviving it since the niche switch isn’t a major one in my opinion. There is a good probability of overlapping interests and since you’re using automation I would give it a try while building a new account from scratch at the same time. You have nothing to loose.

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yeah I will do :slight_smile: thanks for the help!

Thanks for the tip! I actually tried using Jarvee again yesterday but IG made things harder now - my scraper account and main got blocked even with very low settings.

I think I’m going to grow this account manually and I will just work with micro influencers to drive traffic to my shopify store rather than messing about with Jarvee at this point.

Thanks for the tip! I will try to revive the account - I’m currently posting 3x per day and I make sure that I only post good quality and viral content.

If I only perform the like action tool on Jarvee - do I still need a scraper account or I using my main account is fine?

Yeah my main goal is to sell products but I don’t expect existing followers to purchase - like I said before, the previous niche was womens travel and now it’s women’s fashion.

I think having 17k followers even with a low EG combine with high quality content has a better social proof than a brand new page with 0 followers.

Thanks for the help! I was actually thinking about using Jarvee to like all of my previous followers posts. Like I said above, I tried using Jarvee yesterday- I only did the F/UF action with a scraper but I just find it difficult to get around the blocks and errors. I might have to grow the account organically by consistently posting & working with micro influencers, giveaways etc.

Just wondering, if I only use the like action tool - do I still need scraper accounts to do this? Or is it safe to use my main account to like with very low settings ( 200 likes per day)