Should I switch to business account if my purpose is to sell that IG?

How are you doing guys ?

I want to start growing instagrams and then sell them. Should I switch to Business Account ?
If yes, what facebook should I connect with it because if someone buys my intsagram and want to run ads, there will be problems because it is connected to my fanpage in my personal facebook.

Please give suggestions.
Thank you.

Never do that, especially if you want to sell.

If you just search the forum, you’ll see lots of people having bad experience with business accounts. And switching back and forth is never a good idea either.


Ok thank you.
I understand, but how can I get analytics of my account ?

3rd party tools unfortunately. There are plenty of analytics platforms out there, it is just a matter of finding one that fits your needs and budget.


I totally agree with this. Business profiles kills your audience and engagement by a lot.