Should I Use Instagram Accounts To Sell Amazon Merch, or Just Sell The Accounts?


I have a Merch by Amazon account. I haven’t registered any designs yet and I have little experience with advertising shop links on the Instagram page. What I’m thinking of doing is making branded designs for my accounts, which all have original names.

For example, I have an art Instagram account called Talent Collection. I can put tons of shirts together based on the brand “Talent Collection” and then submit the link to the apparel on Talent Collection’s bio. Running the account would then drive traffic to the Amazon Merch account. The question is, will it be worth it?

I have a few 10k accounts with decent I am thinking of doing this for. But because they’re only 10,000 followers, I’m thinking maybe I won’t take this route. The conversion is possibly there but it is also possibly not. I don’t want to waste Merch designs for an account brand when I can easily use those designs for something more trending.

I also have a 40k follower account in the dessert niche. I was wondering if that would drive enough traffic that people would purchase shirts.

I’m looking to either
use the accounts to sell Merch
sell Merch separately and sell the accounts (and register new accounts to sell cyclically)
depending on which is more profitable.

I have no experience with Amazon Merch yet though. Can anyone give me their input, on which would be better? Has anyone tried creating a brand for Amazon Merch for an account you run?

Why not dropship some neat designs instead of making your own?

That’s a good idea. I’m currently working on a shipping site and I’m considering incorporating apparel.

I’m still researching procedures on Amazon Merch. I want to keep the direction where I was initially going though:

Should I build Instagram accounts around a brand, which I will then market via Amazon Merch apparel?

Or should I sell accounts and Amazon Merch separately?

Which would generate more income? Assuming I’m marketing apparel brands on two 10k accounts and one 40k account.

I personally have no idea what the conversion is even like from Instagram -> Merch.

You might have to explain to me what you mean by

You wont sell much of anything without a marketing platform for it. If your plan is to sell both the merch and accounts, I would honestly just sell the accounts. Then again though you’d probably only get like $100 per account.

If you’re asking if you should use your dessert account to push people to buy your art pages merch it probably wont work and will have pretty low conversions.

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That’s what I was asking.

If I set up a marketing platform for merch(like using one of my accounts as a brand), would that push conversion or no?

If it won’t even push conversion on a 40k account maybe I’ll just do individual projects.