Should I use proxies(IPv4/IPv6) for my main accounts with Jarvee

Hello guys! That’s my first post in the mpsocial forum and I would like to ask you something I can’t find anything about.

I have been running 11 Instagram accounts on 3 phones and 1 PC for months now and I would like to automate them using Jarvee. By scrolling through the forum I understood that I must use proxies for the scraper(slave) accounts, but I’m not sure whether I should buy proxies for my main accounts or I can continue using my own IP addresses for them simply through putting them in Jarvee.

So my questions are:

  1. Should I buy proxies for my main accounts?
  2. IPv4 or IPv6 is better? (I am on a budget)
  3. Is Jarvee save to use, because I really don’t want to get a permanent ban on my main accounts?

Thank you in advance, I hope my questions aren’t as dumb as they seem to me right now. :slightly_smiling_face:

The answer will always be yes

If you are on a budget, I would suggest running 3-4 accounts on your home wifi and see that works. Or you can use your phone as a proxy and try to have all accounts on it. IPV4 is better, but IPV6 is cheaper. I don’t recommend these proxies to anyone unless you know what you’re doing. You could risk losing your account(s).

It is safe if you know what you’re doing :wink:. The key will be quality of proxies and warming up. There are plenty of threads on MP Social to help you out with this.

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If you are able to cycle your home residential IP AND if you put your Jarvee accounts into different shifts, you don’t need to buy proxies.

In the real world, IPV6 vs IPV4 quality depends on the provider. IPV6 has a bad reputation because a lot of greedy proxy providers put more proxies per subnet than they should. This will result in a bad experience for the customers and forms the stereotype that IPV6 is bad.

If you want to prepare for scaling and want to gain experience in that, yes go with proxies. For large scale operations, you need to invest quite some money and research finding good combinations of proxies and phone numbers, otherwise, you will hit a wall quite fast.

Regarding Jarvee, yes it is safe to use since the release and the team put a lot of effort and research into keeping it up and running. Also, the MPSocial community is really helpful regarding Jarvee, since a lot of users here are using it.


If I put 4 accounts on my home wifi and the other 7 accounts on 2 of my friend’s wifis, is that going to be safe and am I going to be able to use these accounts from my phone while Jarvee is doing its job?

Do you mean the actions I set up on Jarvee?

Thank you for your reply!

I don’t understand what you mean by “cycling” my home residential IP. So that way only 3-4 Jarvee accounts can run at the same time I guess. What if I put 4 on my current wifi, and the other 8 on my 2 of my friends wifi? Will that get the job done eventually? And am I going to be able to use my phones to take actions(posting stories for example), while Jarvee is running on the specific accounts?

It seems to me that from time to time Instagram finds a weak spot in Jarvee’s system and they punish that. Then Jarvee improves and so on, but that’s just my noob point of view. :joy:

Thank you so much for your response!

Let’s say you run 8 Jarvee accounts in different works shifts (not running at the same time) and you reset your router and get a new IP for every shift, it will look like those accounts run under different “owners”.


What do you mean exactly with that? Is there a rule of thumb or something. I mean have a /64 subnet and I’ve planned to use them as proxies in the future. Any recommendations? I don’t want to sell/rent them, just for my own business.

A /64 subnet is comparable with a single IPV4 IP (subjective opinion).

You would need a bigger subnet to not risk a lot.

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So I’ve got to reset the IP address after every shift? Btw when I think of it now I’ve been running all of the accounts on 1 single proxy. Could that cause problems in the future?

What are the purpose for these accounts? Are they client accounts? Personal accounts? Client accounts? What actions are you going to do on your phone?

Yes! Actions and settings

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