Should I wait until 5 accounts to start using proxies?

Hi all,

I’m about to enter my first client’s account into a new Jarvee account with no accounts.
I know of the rule where if running over 5 accounts, you need proxies for each additional account.
Should I start off grabbing a proxy for this client or is it safe to run their account without a dedicated proxy since my Jarvee hasn’t reached 5 accounts yet?



Ready to suffer? :wink:
I think you’d better start buying quality proxies for customers.


Better to buy clients proxies for each account

If you have a client I think you should provide the best quality service possible because they are paying you for that.

Buying a proxy can be deducted from their payment. Better be safe than sorry.
At the end of the day it’s how you run your business.

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In my opinions, under 5 accounts, I am really confident to use Home IP. Rightnow, I am running 5 accounts by my home IP and it works 100% perfectly more than 20 days!
Maybe IPs from your home internet are safer than Proxies

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They might be safer, until it gets banned and its your actual home IP…