Should we have a marketplace section?

Thank you guys for all your comments :slight_smile: Really love the pros and cons and to be honest I’ve thought of some of them myself but some are new and quite interesting.

I’d love to keep the discussion going on this if anyone has anything else to add.

For the time being considering that:

  1. the forums is quite new and even if we grew quite fast ( we’re at almost 2k members when I’m writing this) it will take some time before we have a lot more members and visitors that will start to attract the good/big providers.
  2. it will need to be well though and it would probably take a lot more energy to maintain to a certain quality

I think the best course of action is to wait for a few (2-3) months and see how the forum develops and what the members will actually need and seek on this forum.


Maybe you can keep it specific to MP by only allowing things like Server Offers, PV, and Social Accounts. Also maybe require all sellers pass some sort of QA verification before posting their service offers to the MP forum, to maintain quality and not allow it to become a scammer flea market for paid methods, offers, scripts,progs, etc so people can stay focused 100% around MP and the tools needed to utilize it.

I think you should have a restricted section. so u ca only sell services that we know will not cause issues. Forexample buying accounts etc.

Also alot of new MP users might have issues loading accounts… I know im one and if there was a place where we can get accounts made and loaded so newbies can run wild with warmup settings and management that would be good.

Im lucky there was alot of help on here but some others might end uo cancelling MP bcus they just cnt get started


I’ve steered away from purchasing services/products from forums for the last year because of being scammed (BHW WSO).

It’s a tough one because I’d love to get more business from like-minded business owners.

With regards to platforms like peopleperhour and upwork, I also stay away from those because of scammers or poor work/customers.

The only one I use now is Fiverr because it’s strict and you feel more safe. That’s the only way a marketplace is going to work but i think thats a lot to manage for mp.

Maybe there is a safe way, but you need to think from both sides; the buyer and the seller.

How about directory listings we pay for, I’m in for beta testing that!

p.s. I love this forum, its quality, no-one seems to be hiding anything :joy:

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