Should we have a marketplace section?

When you have the time try creating a MARKETPLACE section,where people can sell/buy social media related stuff.


Hmmm, it’s not about time, it’s about " I haven’t decided if it’s a good idea or not" :slight_smile: . So let’s have a constructive conversation whether this would be a good idea or not with pros and cons…

I think it’s good idea to start marketplace as we know what everyone is doing, so we expect good help from seller.

Mostly Pva service will be famous :stuck_out_tongue:

@florin22xxl What would we have in marketplace? As accounts are already provided by buyaccs and sims by @BuySimCards

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Can be anything,maybe someone wants to sell his/her account,or someone has a service to offer.Its an ideea :slight_smile:

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Yes… Selling accounts

+1 for marketplace

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how about the problems that can occur? on BHW threads are moderated and tested before being accepted, you also can’t edit a thread so you don’t change info after it’s live. What if people start posting bad stuff there, with the sole purpose of scamming people?


im a seller at bhw:) It s a great place to sell my ig accs!

But here? who would buy it? they all have mp so they can build them by themselves.

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Not necessarily, maybe for now as the forum is still pretty new, but think of all the traffic it will get from the search engines and other places linking towards it. There will probably be over 60-70% anonymous visitors all the time and not everybody wants to do it themselves, some prefer to spend money to get it done.

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If we do, I think it should be in the private section but require an even higher level of activity to prevent scamming and bad behavior.

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I Think the good will outweighs the bad in regards to the marketplace.

MassPlanner would need to make sure they can cover their ass in case a sale goes wrong. A simple disclaimer stating they are not responsible for anything, and to never contact them if there is a problem with an order.

Now another aspect to address is who can sell in the marketplace.

  • Everyone
  • Level 2+
  • Users who have a current MP subscription
  • Level 2+ & Users who have a current MP subscription

In regards to what users would sell, I can think of lots:

  • Pre-Made Accounts
  • Premium Strategies
  • PVA Services
  • SIM Cards
  • 1on1 Support
  • Management Services (for those who dont use MP or automation)
  • Selling ShoutOuts
  • Servers
  • Affiliate Services (Servers, Proxies, Webhosting, etc)
  • much more

Ok, I’ll think about this and will make a decision after the new year. In the meantime if anyone has anything else to add that could help, go for it !

Please add Joint Ventures and it’s a go! :wink:

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Hahahah next you’ll ask for an alternative to WSO’s

I like Brandon’s idea, but also i think there will probably be some sellers that don’t use MP themselves…

Also probably there should be some trust levels for sellers like you have for users…
maybe like
general marketplace (anyone can post here - but there is no official recommendation from MP team)
level 2 marketplace (only sellers that proven to be legit can post there - get official recommendation badge by MP team) - of course high level users will help MP team pick trustworthy sellers etc.

What if only verified MP users can post in the marketplace. This will encourage more sales for MassPlanner, and will also help support those who use MassPlanner. This would also minimize scammers. I dont see the point in others utilizing the marketplace for making money who do not contribute or use MassPlanner themselves.

It depends,if they have good stuff to offer, we can’t really force them to use MP just so they offer it to our members… Maybe the one with them being level 2 at least is better, they need to take a little time and help the community in order to better serve it.

I see your point @Johnny I take back what I said. There are probably many users who dont use MP that can offer great services that MP users dont offer.

I agree with the Level 2 then :slight_smile:

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I think it should NOT be here. I’ll explain why.
First of all this forum is about MP. If will be marketplace, 100% that people will post less useful info( why need to write topic, if you can make ebook and sell it for few $? :smiley: ), also will be tons of scammers ( even if sell from 2lvl, it’s too easy to get it. )

Have seen similar forum, but about different software. Only marketplace and news section is alive at the moment( because people just stopped to write useful info, they only try to sell it). In few words nearly everybody is just selling info or he is the “mentor” ( I don’t want to see it here, I like atmosphere here, like it is now ) :slight_smile: , also hate these big colored signatures with products and million negative feedbacks( and negative feedbacks are even on good products, just because people didn’t understand smth). And most interesting that for this will have responsibility only Massplanner team :slight_smile:


Administration, need to check out every seller(and even this don’t give 100% that seller is legit.) Also it takes time. Better spent this time to Massplanner :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Also guys don’t forget that you can ask here questions, like where to better buy this,buy this. Sure that some one will help you! :slight_smile:


I agree a 100% with this, i am not for a marketplace for the exact same reasons @krafteg mentions, you can bet that people are going to sell their “methods” and the forum bleeds dead… seen it happen a lot op times and people can find the goods they need on various places, so whyy would we need that here?


I am biased here. I sell social media management services to clients. I help them grow their followers and help them post nice images, quotes, and the like. The way I imagine the marketplace is as a place where I (and the rest of the others on this forum) can find more clients. I like what @BrandonBerner said: “PVA services, SIM cards, ShoutOuts etc.” but I myself would never sell those kinds of services. It’s not what I do and cannot be bothered to get into that to be honest.

Anyhow @Johnny, I actually don’t think you should get into that if I can give you my opinion. I imagine you guys have a zillion things to do with MP. Things to fix, bugs to handle, new features to release … I really don’t think you should get into this new adventure of the marketplace by yourselves. You’re doing a fantastic job with MP, I love it, but you should concentrate on that only for now. I am not sure how big your team is, but when you’ll get double or triple the number of people you have now, perhaps you can start a new “branch” of the business (the marketplace).

Don’t know … this is my 2 cents :slight_smile: :thumbsup:

Ciao for now! :smile: