Should We Keep Posting Content On Slaves?

Hey, I am unclear about if we should post content on our slave accounts after profiling them or just keep doing follow/unfollow, DM etc? According to a guide I saw here best is to post 9 pics and then not post any content after that. Is that right?

Please correct me if I am wrong. Any suggestions would be highly appreciated.


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I personally prefer continuously posting even for at least 1x a week so that it will look like an account maintained by a real human being. Aside from posting, what I also do is to continue with like/comment activities, or sometimes even story viewing, and my scrapers have been performing well so far.

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Yes I agree, the scrapers should also be active to prolong their life as they will look like active users. No actions on scrapers will make them look inactive and will be prone to dying.

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I think you got very good answers. Depents on you and the strategy. If you post value Content with your Slave/Scraper Accounts that the will live longer or the best scenario is this account will never burned. If you just Post 9 Pictures and after that you will not post more you bring the scraper/slave account in danger you can burn it faster and have to start from new.

The are some people that want to burn fast the accounts and buy cheep created accounts to scrap a lot and burn the accounts. And the are some people that want that the scraper/slaves lives longer or for every (like a real - account)

With one option you can make more scraping because you dont use API Calls for F/U/DM etc. But Burn faster. And with the other option you safe time and money but cant Scrap so much because you need API Calls for the Interactions.

I threat my slaves as my mains (almost :blush:). So I post on my slaves at least four-five times per week. I rarely get my slaves banned. Also, warm up your slaves slowly with likes and reposting actions before beginning follow/unfollow actions