Should you remove phone numbers from IG Acount after PVA?

Hi all,

I have been learning a lot from reading through the forum and there’s one question that hasn’t yet been addressed and wanted to share what I have read + hear what you had to say:

Should you remove phone numbers from IG Account after PV with online SMS Service?

What I have read on this topic:

  • Several ppl are doing this because the phone numbers get reused. This way, by removing the phone numbers, they reduce the probabilities of bans/more PV.

  • For FB, it is not recommended to do so because FB accounts with a number have a higher trust score than those that don’t. However, if this concepts also extends to IG, it conflicts with the point above and we shouldn’t be removing the phone numbers from IG.

What are your thoughts? Has anyone experimented with this?

In all of my testing you can only use one phone number on at most two Instagram accounts.

Also, if an account is disabled (banned), the phone number stays with it and can’t be reused.

So, in my assumptions and observations, using SMS services isn’t using “recycled” numbers.

I keep the phone numbers attached to my accounts so that it can’t be reused and recycled to another account that gets banned and then my account has a footprint on it as previously using a phone number that got attached to a banned account.

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So in your opinion, online services like getsmscode only use 1 pH number per max 2 clients? I find that unlikely.

I can use 1 number for 2 accounts at max, but after 2-3 weeks I can use it for whatever.

Also, op, to answer your question - I had multiple PVs in the last weeks, removed phone numbers right away. Pvs keep coming non stop.

Now trying to keep the numbers since 2 days. Too early to report, but had 2 pvs today only. Seems like it’s helping. Someone said before NOT to remove the number for at least 24h after the PV…

I’ll see how it goes I bought a ton of sims recently so will attach and keep 1 nr per account, but until then need to rely on online services.

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That’s a good point, but I’m sure online services recycle the numbers even if Instagram doesn’t accept them. In my experience, I have several “Sorry, you can’t use that number, please try another”, which tells me that the number has been overused or it’s still connected to some other account.

So what if another random account shares your phone number and that account gets banned. Wouldn’t your account get banned too?

Glad to hear you’re experimenting with this! Good luck with the sim cards, I once thought of doing that too, but it’s too expensive for me as I’m based in the US.

Correct. The numbers can be used for other websites of course.

“So what if another random account shares your phone number and that account gets banned. Wouldn’t your account get banned too?” I have not seen this happen to my accounts both using the same number.

I have over 2k SIM cards and spent combined over a month total of my life phone verifying accounts. Probably 400 are attached to disabled accounts that I can no longer use again. This was before I knew you could use one phone number for two accounts. Could have had more mileage with them :frowning:

Good news is I haven’t had to use a SIM card in a few weeks yet have a SIM pool in the mail to me right now. Funny how that works. Why couldn’t I have bought that 6 months ago??!


I have also read that you should remove the number right after verifying… Have tried both (removing and not removing), didn’t seem to make a difference, at least for me…
Viewing it from IG’s side, I don’t think it appears very natural to use a phonenumber and to delete it right after don’t you guys think?

Im removing them because sometimes i can only use one phone number and if another pv comes i have to find that number

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Well you won’t be able to scale like that I guess…
Have you tried sms verification services? Work rel. well for me :slight_smile:

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Wow that’s dedication - Nice job and thanks for the reply :slight_smile:
What type of software do you use for managing such a large scale of SIM cards?
… 2k SIM cards are goals :muscle:

Interesting that it hasn’t made a difference, maybe IG just doesn’t care lol.
You’re also right, it doesn’t really look natural to delete the number right after using it.

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I don’t think so either, but I actually don’t think it makse much of a difference tbh…
at least in my experience…

Do you mind sharing the service name?

smspva / getsmscode. If you want real sims, I can recommend speedyverify service or buying real sims by @biffer , or just google where you can buy sims in bulk.