Should you use other tools besides f/u

Hello guys! I am using EB on some accounts and API on some accounts. I am just using the follow and unfollow tool as well as liking after follow. Do you suggest or are you using any other tools to run? If you are running other tools such as story viewer and like tool and contact tool, how are those working for you?

The reason I am asking is being I feel Insta will pick up that my accounts are only following and unfollowing and not doing any other actions and they could block my accounts.

Would love to hear your guys thought and experiences. Thanks in advance.

Posting content, so those followed people can be reminded that maybe it’s time to finally act and buy your stuff.

These are clients accounts so the clients obviously also do actions on their end such as liking and posting as so forth. Do you recommend I post through Jv at some points?

I do both, posting manually and through J and didn’t see any difference in performance.
If you are in doubt, because you still have blocks remember that maybe even with best content, proxies and filters people may be offended with you following them and they may report your account.

I have been the lucky few who arent experiencing any blocks at the moment but just wanted to see if any one else is using any other tools with the follow or unfollow tool. Are you using any other tools such as story viewer or anything like that?

From my experience posting from JV gives me reduced engagement but probably because I scrape the posts, I’m sure original content scheduled should be fine

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keep in mind even people using Later or Buffer (3rd party apps “allowed” by IG) had issues and ACs in the past. I might be overthinking, but posting manually is my go to