Shoutout Techniques on IG

I’ve been steadily growing my main page and am getting to the point where I think investing some money in shotouts is logical. I’ve been weighing my options and trying to figure out the best approach when it comes to picking out accounts to reach out to.
So far my strategy is to pick 20-30 accounts to add as follow sources, choosing from the top 5-10 performers.
I’ve also looked into different websites that streamline the service for you. I found this site - - Does anybody have any experience with it? Overall, what kind of success have you guys seen from shootouts in general? What worked best for you? I appreciate any feedback. Thank you!


I’m also interested in this, but never used shoutouts to boost my account, so I would appreciate if those who did write their experience here.


Anybody have an opinion?

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I bought shoutouts. Paid 60 dollars for 5 shoutouts. Got maybe 100 followers. Not worth in my opinion. Waste of money. :slight_smile:


Never buy shoutouts from anyone who can’t show you real proven results from the get-go especially an agency/broker.

Do plenty of market research and focus on engagement not follower count.


Do you know any methods or ways to approach people in regards to finding out about the results.

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Shoutouts are not good value for money, your $ will be better spend paying instagram to show your posts as sponsored views


When I sell shouts, I typically have new clients contact former or current clients directly so they have an idea what to expect. You also want to see the page’s insights to have a vague idea of what sort of demographic the account caters to. The reason most businesses or pages have had bad experience with shoutouts is not just due to the mismatch in target market and product that is being offered but also the real influence that account really has over it’s followers. A huge page that has shouted for years will have a burnt out list of followers who are already dreaded by the volume of ads they see daily. On the flip side, a smaller page that caters directly to a micro-niche that has constantly provided value to it’s followers will yield much better results. Finding such pages takes, plenty of time and research. A great way to gauge a page’s effectiveness is to do short 4-6 hour shouts which is usually a fraction of the price a page would charge for a full 24 hour shout.


Hey there, may I ask where do you sell shoutouts?

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I usually sell direct, in telegram, or kik groups. Most of my customers are recurring as I tend to focus on long term shout packages.


yeah, I do the same. I also sell in bundles and am transparent about my prices. I’ll tell them basically that with every XXk increase in followers, my price goes up by $XX. So they can buy ahead of time, which means more money for me now already and I have them locked up…


I’ve noticed that a lot of HUGE pages (1m+) has a bunch of followers who have no photos at all.

So I came to think of, could it possibly be that the huge accounts simply use fake followers that follows you when you buy a shoutout? And your increase in followers is in fact that you overpaid for fake followers (Same thing as buying followers)?

I’m currently looking for Shout pages with 1m+ followers, but it’s hard to find something legit…

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Could u name some kik or telegram group ?
How can we make a payment ? (via paypal?)
Please pm me :smiley: Thanks!

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Pm me as well! Thank you!

I would like to know also PM me.

Thank you and yes getting shoutouted is very useful.

How much do you invest for a sponsored view?

pm me please interested

Hey please tell me how I sell Instagram shout-out?

Please tell me how I sell shout-out