Shoutouts and analytics

the title sounds like like a nerdy mixtape.

Anyway, Im starting to grow a niche page in fashion and getting started with investing in a couple of shoutouts.

My question;
ive found a load of niche accounts that could possibly do them and have started reaching out BUT how do i know if there engagement is fake etc. Some have super high likes but like 3 comments and it makes me weary.

Is there anyway i can look for certain? Im thinking IGBlade but not sure what to look out for


you should ask before the shoutouts for the insights of the account. audience and reach, how many new followers and also have a look at the last posts , then you can see if its fake or a real account to go with for a shoutout.

I hope it helps



Check the users that commented on the account. If they look fake, the account is most likely fake too.

If they have posted shoutouts for other IG users, you can reach out to those users, and ask if they had good results .

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