Shoutouts? Anyone doing them here in the forum for fashion niche?

Looking for shoutouts provider, anyone can help? Fashion niche . Thanks

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Send me a message :heart:

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Yes i do. shoot me PM

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Check dm buddy !

Check dm buddy!!!

interested also for shootout can someone provide me with this service ?

Check your PM

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I can do shoutouts. I have fashion page with 90k followers.
Pls. send a PM if you are interested.

Thank you

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The one and only and based on several proofs seen in here I like to point out @Alexnvo
He masters shoutouts but I don’t know if he offers any sales on it though. You can ask him.
This man has armies.


@Alexnvo Can you help Alex? if yes DM me please:-)

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i don’t offer services using my accounts( after all, they are for my network). Consulting I do.

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Yes I have 20 account please inbox me

I am interested in receiving influencers/shoutouts for a fashion brand! Please let me know who’s available for this service.

Hey folks, I’m looking for shoutouts, so anyone offer them? Thanks!

Menswear IG blogger looking for shoutouts!