Show Supplier My Store?

So recently I’ve had success in dropshipping a certain product and my Aliexpress supplier seems to be so impressed that he’d like to see my store.
I mean it would be a good gesture to show him I guess, but then with this being IM and all, you just never know what could happen.

Is there any risk? Like any exploit that could potentially happen, or am I just being too paranoid?..

EDIT: Thank you all for the advice

I dont no personally i dont show anyone anything of mine.

Have a good day

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It’s up to you!

If you afraid of your supplier to be another copy cat or rip your online store, don’t show them.
If you have good relationship with the supplier, you might show them and trust and maybe workout with better pricing as you’re a well performance drop-shipper.


You can show him your store, however it sounds like you know exactly what you’re walking into. They will certainly scrape all your data and try to replicate your success. If you have a few successful competitors I would send in their credentials in place of your own “special sauce”. As much as you are building report with your supplier the chances are that 99% of dropship suppliers do not give a F about your success. Most of these dropship suppliers have come out of Hubei province and risen to relative success in the coastal towns of China. They HUSTLE plainly put and do not have remorse, its just a cultural. I would ask for some kind of “quid pro quo” and explain to them that you understand the risk and see what they have to say.


I don’t see what’s to gain here. I wouldn’t show my store.


Yeah IM can be a cutthroat business sometimes.
I’m just going to play it safe and say I’d like to remain private and that I hope he understands; I mean it’s not he’ll get angry and stop supplying me lol.

Exactly! I never show my dropshipping stores to anyone and I keep the names private. If you really wanted to you could ask him what he’s interested in seeing from your storefront and send him over some metrics/screenshots with that information if that’s what he’s trying to scrape. I don’t see what seeing a storefront as a supplier would help him with, unless it is in a malicious way.

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