Show your workspace!


You automated the automated software to get it all automated and dont need a screen or anything more? Nice…


HAHAHAHAHHAHAAH no its more like we have 8 laptops lying around the place . so kinda get use to pick and run kinda thing .mostly on the desktop though . but i like the way you put it :wink: should be done that way xD



@wortime i’m jealous :triumph:



My partner says hi to you all xD


My partner is saying you have to check your partner again…


That was my setup for work. Believe me when I say the room was always very warm! Also not pictured is my view of nothing. Well ok, a small backyard. Once I retrieve it from storage I will send pics of the new setup. Once the website is launched I need a dedicated server. I might just buy a physical one.

My old bill for just internet was $160 a month with that setup as I needed a redundant connection. I also had my 4G connection ready in case things went south.

The reason for the laptops (supplied by work), were so that I could connect to client environments without dropping the connection to work. I do not miss those days.


HAHAHHAHAHAHA my partner fled after that xD


Here is mine :slight_smile:


wow nice view is that Amsterdam? Love the buds there :slight_smile:


@florin22xxl What do you have on those coolers?


What do you mean?case coolers or cpu coolers?


Let us see your current setup :smile:


Here is where the miracle happens :wink: MACBOOKPRO connected by teamviewer to an I7 16gbRAM ASUS that is working 24-24;7-7 :wink: Managing around 200 fb profiles at the moment


Team work makes the dream work :smile::dog:


Nice one!!!


@florin22xxl the CPU coolers! Those are massive.


Noctua NH-D15 keeps my 6700k cool and quite.


Not Amsterdam, living in Gouda:)