Show your workspace!


Inspired by the post from @euhero that is starting his business and showing his new office!

I want to see all your workspaces, offices and warrooms ir just a desk!

This is mine, i was taking the picture from my desk. Oke, not only from IM :slight_smile: I have another company for 12 years already and IM is still a hobby.

What is your work space look like?

This was my old station which is currently in storage. This was on initial setup and not in it’s full glory with 2 i5 laptops, a second backup tower with 2 screens and a redundant connection behind it. Not pictured, my CCNA setup with rack routers and switches.


That’s a pretty sick space. Here’s my humble little workspace. lol


Why is there a boat? Is it Venice?


Its not about the size, its what you do with it!


Venice, i wish:) i am living in the Netherlands. My view is an museum harbor, so a lot of old historic boats. And lots of chinese tourists:)


Ah, holland. The land where the land is lower than the sea.

I am from your former colony, Indonesia


Is this a trick to make people clean their desk? :smiley:


No, that is not allowed. Have to update the terms;)


This is where the magic happens )


This is the correct answer. My current space is an i5 and a lovesac.


That’s mine. Nothing special :slight_smile:


The outside and the inside.
tech lover…expensive passion to have…


My humble space :information_desk_person:


My space :joy:


Please do something regarding this…:smiley:


HAHAHAHAHHA yeah :stuck_out_tongue: about that xD . awkward way to put it xD . like it the other way around for gaming xD


Here is the other workspace table xD


I hope you noticed that keyboard is not pluged into something?


XD my brother went away with the Alienware so. That’s just lying dead