🔥 Shuttestock + Zappier + Pinterest = 150k+ Unique Monthly Visitors to your website


Hey man thanks for the share. I was wondering if you have some shortcut to find the contributors?

here is a video of what I did (but takes forever been at it for a few hours): https://www.loom.com/share/e6585236c1be43f996d6b5dbcb82a88a

Is there a faster method, like a screen where I can find top contributors? looked all over the place on google and can’t find what I’m looking for



Very cool, thanks for this tip! I’m trying this out and will let you know how it goes. I created a couple different zaps using different links for each so hopefully that will get around the account ban using the same link every time (i.e. one goes to website, one goes to IG, one goes to FB, etc…).


Great guide, thank you so much!!


Will be trying this out shortly with a new blog, let’s see what kind of traffic it can generate!


This is a pretty cool method, will try it out.


can you send me a video explain how to set up this method >> yourfreedoom12@gmail.com


Cool! But the method still working?

When I Open his RSS from Shutterstock [shutterstock.com/feed.mhtml?gallery_id={XXX}

Now show,

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