🔥 Shuttestock + Zappier + Pinterest = 150k+ Unique Monthly Visitors to your website

What to do:

  1. Go to Shutterstock and search for something interesting
  2. Select contributor with top products and find his id ( - numbers after contributors/
  3. Open his RSS from Shutterstock shutterstock.com/feed.mhtml?gallery_id={Contributor_ID}
  4. Create new Zap: RSS + Pinterest
  5. Insert RSS from Shutterstock
  6. Connect Pinterest and select where to pin
  7. Inside Image insert “Link Enclosure” and add “https:” before it
  8. Inside Note insert “Title”
  9. Inside Link insert URL which you want to promote (your website or landing page)
  10. Save and ON

What you will get: Zappier will automatically generate new pins from new photos of the Contributor and insert relevant unique description. You should select something interesting for your TA so after going to your website they will stay.


  1. Use ?utm_source=pinterest&utm_medium=auto_pin after your url, so you can see statistics in google analytics https://take.ms/zOB0O
  2. You can use Instagram as a source of images with service https://queryfeed.net/
  3. you can use Flickr RSS as a source of images https://api.flickr.com/services/feeds/photos_public.gne… where watercolor - tag for search
  4. Added video with my voice comments

In case someone needs my personal help with installation PM me

Original post is not mine but a friend’s I asked for his permission to share it in this forum and he approved (he is not a member of mpsocial) but I still use the same method to get over 3k visitors monthly on my store!


Very interesting. My first thought(as an IG guy) was to use this onto a landing page directing towards my IG brand.


Good Idea I like it, you can also use the landing page for your blog if you have one ?

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Yeah not at the moment but that seems like a great idea. I mean the numbers are kinda crazy so I definitely need to try this out

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Sounds interesting, thanks for the share. Just decided to check out Shutterstock, and don’t see a contributor ID anywhere, any idea where it’s supposed to be? In the html? The URL?


Haven’t tried it but I love this kind of automation, nice share :+1:

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Just go to the shutterstock profile of your choice click view page source and then after this tab opens up you can find the id at OG:Image section I highlighted it at the photo below


Thanks, got it working. Although with shutterstock it’s pulling low-res watermarked images from the feed.

Have to look into it and see if the higher res ones are available, though watermarks will probably always be there.


Hey great share! Question:
Do you have also the watermark from shutterstock on your pins?
Or is it not interesting for the pinterest user?
In the title appears “stock photo:”, is there a way to remove it?

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Nice share, I was thinking Pinterest will ban your account if you post the same landing link on all the pics, specially if you post a lot of pics per month.


I’m new here trying to learn too.

I think, ban can be avoided with multiple domain pointing on the landing.

OP, thank you for step by step method.

great share, thanks for this

great share man. however this link is truncated, any chance you could put the full link? This one leads to what seems to be an error page: [https://api.flickr.com/services/feeds/photos_public.gne… ]

I believe that’s his own unique API token for flickr. You can request one easily.

oh thanks buddy makes sense


@argzonnin How many Pinterest accounts are you using to generate that traffic?

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Same question is there a watermark on pins?

Yes, but I repin it anyways