Sign up block on instagram

I have been try many way to sign up on my phone but it said sign up block, i dont want use vpn, if i use that way my account doesnt reach. Thanks

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Search info in account creation here in the forum.
It is not good practice to open many accounts from the same device or the same ip, you’ll be blocked as you already are very fast.

How many accounts have you made on your phone so far?

I’ve stuck to making no more than 5 accounts per phone before flipping it online and getting another one. You can buy some cheap ass androids online for under $10 and if you’re willing to be patient they can make instagram accounts then just resell them and get your money back. No telling if those you’ve purchased from have done the same so be warned.


try using a parallel app and using your 4g connection to create accounts that way

Check this thread [GUIDE] [2019] 🚀 Mobile Instagram Account Creation DONE RIGHT!

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Hello I get a similar issue ! I just wait few days and now it’s alright ! Maybe this come from IG :slight_smile:

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Around 4-5 accounts