Sim Card Verifying Service

Looking for someone that can send me codes from unused sim cards. I have to do a lot of PVs and would like to keep the same number to the account. Let me know if you have a service like this(or can provide) or know of one. I know speedyverify exists but I need a backup. or you have to buy real sims and do it on own.

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Are you sure they are the only people?

I am using speedyverify as well, it’s been excellent so far

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Speedy Verify is the only service I would ever trust for SIMs anymore. The only other option I see is to buy your own SIM cards and do it on your own, but that can be a major hassle.

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Hi @Omni,

I’m assuming you already have your own SIM cards to use and just need someone that can help you manage them.

If I’m in your place, I’ll consider the following options:

  1. Hiring an overseas or a local virtual assistant. These ‘virtual assistants’ are real people that can help you with a lot of repetitive tasks including PV. You can ship these SIM cards to your VA and they can help manage your SIM cards for you. You can even train your VA to do the PVs and any other tasks you need outsourced. The challenge here is finding a reliable VA you can work with.

  2. Hiring a local assistant. This might be the easiest and safest route, but depending on your location, can be quite expensive. Same with option 1, your assistant can do the PVs as well as other tasks. A friend or someone you know locally near you might be able to do this.

  3. Another possible option you can consider is sending us your SIM cards. We don’t have any problem managing existing customer SIM cards. The downside here is the queue time where you’d have to wait at times to get a VA, and unavailability for some hrs during the weekend. :wink: We’d be happy to help here in any case.

I’ll personally recommend option 1 — hiring your own dedicated VA and outsourcing some of your tasks can increase your productivity 10 folds if you do it right, however, you need to find the right person to work with.

I hope this help! You can send me a message if there’s anything we can help or if you need some tips in hiring your own VA.