Sim Cards for Verification

So I am currently doing testing with this to try and find sim cards that will enable me to receive text messages without having to pay for a monthly plan.
I was given the idea of lyca mobile and initially it was great.
Free to activate and they were able to receive text messages.
Also instagram accounts I had in captcha got banned using online services to verify but when I used these sim cards it immediately let me back into the account.
Big win! not quite…after a couple days the sim cards will no longer receive text messages. This could well be an error on my part but the talking with support they seem to think I just need to top up the phone.

I should mention I am in the USA.

I currently have a few different sim cards arriving today that I will be testing but it looks like this could be a tough ask being in the states.

If anyone has any advice or if you wanna follow along with me on my journey of trialing a boat load of sim cards then enjoy.
Here is hoping I can find us some answers for anyone else who has wanted to get sim cards over online services.

Most sim cards will require at least one top-up at one point in time. Each SIM costs the provider money, hence the purging of unused SIMs/numbers.

If you want to rely on those sim cards, as in you want to access that account in maybe 14 months from now, I would suggest getting SIMs that require the least amount of top-up every X days/months.

Nothing is free and you will sooner or later pay in one way or another when cheaping out - worst-case by losing access to that numbers and hence access to the accounts.

so then it’s about finding out which sim cards you can top up and keep the balance active on it. paying 10 dollars a month for a sim card to use the number would get out of hand very quickly.

Something like 5 dollars top up and it remained active for 3 months would be much more visible.

This is clearly the way to go but just trying to find the most cost effective path forward.

I’m not from the US (but I know telecommunication is a bit… special there), but most prepaid sims should do the trick. Depending on where you are located, a border run or someone from a neighbor country that could help you might also be fruitful, as most (maybe all but I wouldn’t bet on it) providers offer SMS-receiving for free even when roaming in another network.

If you have a local shop from Sprint, AT&T, Verizon or smaller provider in your area, ask them about prepaid options.

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Lyca sims work great. Your issues are happening because of 1 of 2 reasons.

  1. You can’t use the same number on more than 2 accounts a week. If you’ve used the number more than once, wait a week, and just be aware of it in the future.
  2. There is a glitch of some kind right now where every few days, it’s as if PVs “break” for +44 numbers, and a few others. If you haven’t been using the same number more than once, than this is your issue, and you just gotta wait until they start working again. :slight_smile:
    I can confirm that they have been broken all day today. So I am assuming this is the issue. Yesterday and the day before, they were working perfectly.

the way I test it is by texting the number from my own personal phone.
It could also be different with the way they run things here in the states.
I will keep messing around and see if I can find a solution because the phone is activated and recevied texts so I feel it shouldn’t just stop.

I am in Canada, and they work great over here apart from the 2 issues I mentioned. I would also like to add that the Lyca sims never expire. I have had some sim cards for years. The number is changed once a year, and if you keep track of it, its easily managed. Way way way way better than anything you would have to constantly top up.

This can be fatal if you get an PV with the OG number, which you don’t have anymore. For some use-cases I agree, it’s fine. But to keep an account 100% it’s too risk imho

A little dramatic, lol. Its the same story with emails. A lot of providers mass delete email addresses every 6 months. As far as I am concerned, like I said, if you manage it and change the numbers, its very easy to handle. After the initial price of the sim cards, its free completely free to go this route. The cost of topping up sim cards in my opinion just isn’t worth it when there are options like this.

It really depends on your use-case: Scraper, Slaves, or whatever - Sure.
500k follower Account? No way my dude. I’m pretty sure quite a few people here have been prompted by IG to verify using not the currently linked number, but instead using an older or even the OG number. - even when no number was linked anymore. If you can’t do that, that account is dead - depending on the account in question this can be more than fatal :sweat_smile:

For cycling number I agree, that concept is hassle-free, for the need of having a consistent number a small few (depending on where you live, 1-12$ a year) is nothing.

Well yes, of course I am not talking about huge important accounts. I assumed that someone buying bulk sims for instagram accounts was using them for slaves, etc, not main pages. I would never in a million years use anything like this for a main account.


Just be warned. Atleast here in europe lyca requires that you use your lyca number to make an outbound call within ATLEAST 3 months all the time. Not just once, but continuously. Otherwise your simcard will be terminated and the number will be put out for sale again.
You have 2 choices. Either make a call once in a while, and not just ring up a number and hang up, no the recipient has to pick up your call so that you actually pay for the call and then hang up. Or as a second solution you can top up the simcard again within 3 months so that it stays active.
The problem is when you have tons of simcards which you’ll have to keep track of.

Hmm. I have been using lyca sims for years, and have never had to do anything like this. Not sure which sims you’re using, but they aren’t the same as the ones I am using.

@jmarie Here lyca sim cards are free. You can just take as many as you want. But these are the rules here in europe. This applies for scandinavia and UK I know.
Otherwise people will grap a pay as you go simcard, never top it up and have an active cell number.
It was possible in the early days, but now they know the business. This rule applies for almost all countries lyca is available in.
But the days you have available may vary from country to country though. But not using the phone will get you simcard deativated.

Like I said, that’s not the case for me and a few others. At least here in North America. I have been using them for years, and recently, nothing has changed. I think we are using different sim cards or something, this sounds nothing like the ones I am using.

Maybe this could be a EU regulation or law of some kind, which does not apply for US obviuosly. I don’t know.

Sounds like that might be the case. Sorry that things are more complicated for you!

Just took a look at lyca US website… Seems like the same rules apply for US also. Atleast it says so on their US website

Anyhow good that it works for you guys anyways.
Makes things easier for you then.

I think we are using a different kind of sim, to be honest. Sorry about that.

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No prob mate. Happens sometimes :slightly_smiling_face: