Sim expired,how i can change the phone number?

Hi,i got email verification,my number simcard already expired.and my email didnt receive any code from instagram.i try so many time,but still not luck.still not received any email from instagram. i use
is that possible to change my account phone number? because instagram asking my code phone number to verified :frowning:

It’s sad, but I don’t think you can remove/change the phone number unless you’re signed in.

It ain’t possible to retrieve this then. Sorry but it seems your account is lost.

So is there no way to access an account or change the phone number somehow in case it gets lost or stolen etc?

I assume your only choice here is to get in touch with IG itself and report the problem. That is your only option.

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Yea this is the only option same thing happened to me…
I already contacted them waiting for their reply

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Hello Sami,

This solved your problem?

nope they never responded

You recover with other way, or lost de account?

Try to reset your password,usualy the reset password email comes.After you change password you should bypass the email verification and get acces to your acc.
In theory :poop:

Doesnt work, it still asks for phone verification

im having this problem as well…
anyone knows how to solve it?
Message IG for like 4-5 times … and waited for a week still no reply yet…
It’s kinda useless to talk to their support

please PM me and I can try to recover it.

It would be a great help if you would share your method with all the people on MPSocial.
If you are trying to shill a product or service I would recommend the Public Marketplace

Sales via PM are against the Forum Rules & Guidelines :slight_smile:

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No, I’m not trying to sell anything, but sometimes I read solutions here that shortly stop working and I may be paranoid but I think that some people related to IG my be reading here. The OG can report me if I try to sell him anything too.

u have same issue, how to get it over did tried this and still asking me for PV