Similar keywords to "personaltrainer" for fitness niche?

Hey guys, maybe you have more ideas, what could be targeted in fitness niche? Because it seems that personaltrainers and fitness traines niches are drained out and its hard to find new people daily to contact them and offer instagram growth service.

However i want to stay in this niche as i have previous clients and good reviews, but im thinking what other keywords could be used. I can think for example “nutritionist” or “healthcoach” , but hard to find think of more…


I used to be focused in the fitness space and gained a lot of clients thanks to being a guest expert in Facebook fitness groups. (Become good friends with the admins and great things happen.)

I suggest you go that route since it worked really welly for me.

As a second strategy, for Instagram, i think you are on the right path with being more specific, ie: #nutritionist, #healthcoach, etc. All depends on who you actually want to work with within the niche.

I found a ton of hashtags to find clients just by looking at the top posts within some of those hashtags, and that usually opened a can of worms of which hashtags to get into.

From there, you must stand out with your profile, your presence, your way of relating to them, so that you show an edge of over the other IG gurus who focus on fitness.

Good luck!


You can use Jarvee to find more targeted hashtags. There is the Users and Hashtags tool where you can select some main hashtags and Jarvee will offer you related hashtags to that one and it will show you the post count, so you can see how many users are using it :slight_smile: I just tried it for your case and these are just some examples for related hashtags for hashtags personaltrainer and fitnesstrainer:



Great tip @Bianca!

You can try adding names of more countries and towns as it has been done for couple hashtags already.