Simple way to create a 4G proxy?

Hey everyone,

lately i was started being hit by a ban wave on some of my big 8months+ old accounts 1 by 1 and its scary… ( i only f/unf for the last 4 months )
So i thought of creating a 4g proxy using usb cable ( with/without rasp pi)… anyone has some simple tips on how to do that, for a Basic Member :smiley:


What proxies do you use at the moment?


if you run your automation software from local, plug your phone to the pc, share internet with tethering mode!
Urra! You got your mobile proxy. Setup time around 45sec! :smile:


I use datacenter proxies, works fine no blocks, no pv’s until its action required from nowhere :expressionless:

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too bad the accs are on VPS, but good idea tho, might move big accs on my local pc and do it
Thanks man!

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Does this work with every browser? I have read the guide on creating multiple accounts.
There was recommended using a clean browser, using Google Chrome and creating a new profile.
After reading that guide few times there are still few questions in my mind:

  • What is meant by “clean browser”?
  • Is Google Chrome necessary or is it working with with Firefox too?
  • Do you have to create a profile for each account you create?

I know this is offtopic, but also refers to 4G internet connection, so I wanted to take the opportunity. Im thankful for every help :slight_smile:


do you have links in your bio?

I have already tried this method using clean browser (open the Windows bar and write this: chrome --profile-directory=“PROFILENAME” --incognito ) you can get a clean one using this cmd
and then u use usb tethering ur 4g connection. done, make sure you put airplane mode off& on again to change IP and also create a new user acc on chrome each time u wanna create…good way but still not the best one.


Yeah i do have links, but legit one ( domains )

in the guide and/or in the replies there are all the extension suggested to make the browser clean, you must be sure to have all those mode activated in incognito mode too (must go into each extension details and activate it) and then every time you open your browser in incognito you have a clean browser. So change ip, open browser, do what you need to do, close browser, change ip, open browser again and repeat :smiley:


Do I have to write that exactly? Or do I have to enter a random name for “PROFILENAME”?
Does this work with other browsers too?

For example:

firefox --profile-directory=“PROFILENAME” --incognito

Thank you so much! @Broked @Anass_Bensaber I finally got it! :smiley:
So it doensnt matter if I used the browser before, have bookmarks, etc.
Because I uninstalled Firefox for that 1 day ago :smiley:

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This metod from broked will only work if you just have a few instagram accounts to run, becouse you only get one IP = one Proxy. If you have multiple accounts you need to run than this whould not work becouse you whould need more proxies ( depending on how many accounts you run) you can safetly run 5 accounts on one 4g proxy. If you need to run more then 5 accounts you should probably make a proxy server

There are 2 reasons for bans,

  1. User behavior
  2. Browser and computer analysis

If you dont act like a good user, any good fingerprint or clean/good IP wont help you.


And lets be real, its just a vaste of time with proxies from data centers becouse as soon as you make the account instagram puts you in the ”supicios” category. So its good that you want to upgrade.

Your prioreties should be.

  1. Behavior
  2. Clean IP and Resedential proxies/mobile
  3. Consistent browser fingerprint
  4. Browser history ( cookies )

And thats the most important things you need to think about to not get bans.


Yeah ofc, the number of accounts per proxy limits always apply.
The number of account to run on a mobile proxy is kinda personal, i know people who run 15-20 account on 1 mobile proxy with no problems for months, others do 1 to 1. It all depends on you, of course less is always better. It depends on the accounts needs.


I use multilogin, you can check them out

Interesting, I’ve been wondering what’s the best (for the price) mobile “Modem” to use after the squid proxy server

Anyone have a source for 4G non rotating proxies available?


This method we are talking about uses the IP and internet connection of the phone, therefore it works for multiple accounts. If you want to know that in detail then read this post: [METHOD] STOP buying accounts! With a smartphone, you can create 50+ daily He explains everything in detail