Singer account growth strategies

Hi guys… I am managing a singer account (Mine! lol) (around 6k followers) I think the content I produce is good (mainly covers) and have a good engagement with my followers, with the lately Instagram block waves the account drop down (obviously) the growth (mainly growing with well targeted F/U method) As I am not yet an expert, what would you do to continue growing an account like this? I just started using likes, comments and story viewing but too soon to share results. I also thought of creating a YouTube channel and grow it with jarvee to drive traffic to Instagram but I don’t know if it will work… Would really appreciate to read your advise and strategies.

Will update you with the evolution of my career :laughing::+1:

Thanks in advance to this great forum

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I think that it is an amazing strategy to ask popular models (girls), mostly dancer to dance with your music and tag you. What will they get for that? … It’s up to you, but you can offer them some promotion for example :slight_smile:

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I think it’s a great strategy , my covers are more in the love song area lol… But I think that this concept could definitely work … Thanks a lot! :fire:

Easy. Create slave accounts to promote your page. Works easy with the niche you’re in.


And use the slave accounts to comment on your posts immediately using Jarvee - Global Tools - IG Engagement Groups.
Will give the post a better chance to become viral.

That’s a good one, will try that for sure

Great twist, thanks! Will plagued Instagram with some “fans” promoting my music lol

Get a bunch of “fan clubs” and also try and collaborate with bigger musicians on features or clips.

Great, thank you all for your ideas! :raised_hands: