Sites that work with Affiliate Links/free traffic

Hi guys,

i’m running a startup and worked on the shop for 7 months already. Now we’re in the marketing phase, and try to cover the free traffic options first:

anybody has a list of those “meme” pages on Instagram that posts products for an affiliate link? Just watched a YT video but of course he wants like $30 for a spreadsheet. Anybody else having another idea to generate free traffic?

Would be very thankful already for your help.

Have you thought about Reddit? If you have a nice product you could try and see if there is a nice subreddit for it

Ok, that’s an idea, will discuss it with my partners.

Definitely check reddit. Also check the threads on how to do so on reddit since they are a strict/internet-savy audience & can smell affiliate spammers from a mile away.

Well wishes on your startup journey!