Sizing Instagram Story Videos for Full Screen / Resolution

Good Morning all! I am looking to create an instagram story marketing campaign using drone footage. The issue is whenever I get the video to my phone, and go to post it in my story, it comes out quite small, and requires the user to turn their phone to landscape to see full screen. I have done a lot of research to size correctly to have full screen in portrait mode without losing resolution, but have had no luck. All the 9:16 recommendations cut off screen size, and dilute the resolution horribly. Yet I am marketed in my instagram story and see many full size portrait videos in high resolution. I shoot in 4k.

Can someone please help me? Thank you!


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It’s probably edited in an editing program and cropped from the full resolution to the correct ratio and size.

I think IG stories resolution should be 1080 wide by 1920 tall, so if you create a template you can crop footage into that size and potentially Dropbox/Google Drive it to your phone for posting.

if you’re shooting at 4k you should have plenty of latitude, might be the clips being transferred via the drone are not full resolution and just video previews, not sure what you’re working with, but I want to say my Phantom sends previews unless I grab it directly from the sdcard.


Thank you Ian I appreciate the response. it does seem they are coming into my editor at 720p. Im an idiot and deleted the footage from the card, so I will go and reshoot, and then follow up and let you know what I find. What do you use to edit?

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Adobe Premiere, but it’s most likely overkill for what you’re looking to do.

Here’s a random tutorial I found for video editing Stories content, might help you more than my reply: