Skipped user because he blocked your account error

For the past 4-5 days I have issues with the mp follow tool, it does not complete its ratio per day for some accounts, the dashboard errors are these :
It counts these skipped users also and completes operations and gives me like a maximum of 100 follower / day instead of 500.

I’ve contacted support and they told me they didn’t encounter this problem on anyone else and advise me to create a topic here.

From the second screenshot it seems that for some reason that account actually banned you from following/seeing him.

I’d advise you to change sources completely so you don’t encounter the same users again.

How can he ban me if I have not followed him? And it’s like this with many sources and lets be honest, 80-90% from the people I am trying to follow banned me?

The issue here is not that the accounts have blocked you, but that Twitter has blocked you from following.
We will see what we can do on our side to suspend the follow tool when this happens, instead of running the follow tool and getting the messages that you are getting right now which are confusing.

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So twitter blocked me because of my proxy? Or because of what?

It could be because of your proxies or because you are doing some actions too many or too fast per day or because you are sharing some stuff that Twitter doesn’t like.