Skweezer followers - need help

Hi guys! I made the mistake of purchasing followers on Skweezer. (I know I shouldn’t have and wont do it again!!) They are really low quality bots and I am trying to stop them from coming in. I have contacted Skweezer many times, but they are not responding to their chat or emails. Any suggestions? I don’t want to change my user name. :confused:

If you have Iphone, download app who called CLEANER and delete “ghost followers”

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Turn your profile private.


I have done thanks!

I hope lesson learned :wink:

Indeed it has. Any ideas on how to stop them pouring in and disconnect from Skweezer?

Just pray, sometimes that helps :grin: Joke aside, I feel you need to spam their customer service until they answer. And don’t repeat similar foolish mistakes in the future

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Thanks for the advice! I am definitely trying through their chat and email, their phone number is most likely fake and is not working. :roll_eyes:

Skweezer is owned by Vince Van Meer and Matthjis Otterloo