Skyrocketing your IG Engagement. ( On-Demand)

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What’s up, everyone?

Its time for me to drop the next value . This is Part 2 for Skyrocketing your IG Engagement. ( On-Demand)

Here are 8 ways to Skyrocket your Instagram engagement immediately:

1️⃣ Invest time on stories: 500 million people watch stories every day. 5-15% of your followers view your story every time you post. IG Stories are Hands down the Closest way to interact with people in this digital age.

The more engagement, interactions and replies you get for your stories, the better for IG Algorithms to get more views. So use all interaction tools available like Questions, quiz, polls in almost all of your stories

Now stories are into explore page too. The more Viral and creative content you post with good engagement within stories, the better chance to get featured in explore page for your story.

Use 5-10 hashtags in the stories and hide them behind the interaction tool by reducing the size of text as much as you can. No matter the size, you will still rank for those hashtags.

So now we get story views from your followers, explore page and hashtags too.

2️⃣ IGTV - The Gold Mine: IGTV views are through the roof. Since Instagram enabled IGTV previews to appear and be shared on users’ feeds and profiles, businesses have seen over 300% increase in views. So i told you in the past and saying you again, Capitalize on IGTV.

3️⃣ You’ve Heard it Before, But Consistency Still Matters if You Want More Engagement

4️⃣ Prompt Your Followers to Turn on Instagram Post Notifications. Do this in stories and captions of feed posts to get more eyeballs seeing your content immediately after you post.

5️⃣ Actually, Build Lasting Relationships with Your Followers and They Will engage with your content forever!

6️⃣ Tag Your Posts - Tag 5-10 high-level influencers in your niche. This allows them to check your content out and they might potentially like our post which is insanely valuable. A like from verified 1m page is super valuable for ig and it will immediately boost your reach and show your content to the influencer’s followers. Nick got likes from people like Grant Cardone & Jim Kwik severals by implementing this.

7️⃣ Timing dont matter : Viral content is viral content. If your content is bomb you will be seen no matter what. Timing is 14th most important thing you should think off. But yea please dont post while everyone is sleeping and complain now. Just post at any time when people are awake. From 7 AM-12 AM. Nick got 8.5k likes in one of the recent posts despite posting at a normal time.

8️⃣ Jab, jab, jab and right hook: dont over-promote your products & Services, posting only ads all the time will make you look like a TV channel with the only ads playing all the time. Will you watch a tv channel for only watching ads? No right? So 50-80% of your content should add some value to your followers. Posting ads all the time will decrease your engagement drastically. That’s the reason why all these big brands got 5,10,20Million followers with 0.1-0.5% engagement rate. Please dont be one of those brands.

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Hey man. I gave this post a like. But you way over-promised with this. This is what the post breaks down as:

  1. Post more engaging stories
  2. Post more on IGTV
  3. Be consistent
  4. Tell people to turn on post notifications
  5. Build lasting relationships with your followers
  6. Tag your posts with 5-10 relevant influencers
  7. Post when people are awake
  8. Provide real value, don’t over-promote

That’s nice, but it honestly reads like a blog post from a hobbyist. If this is how to “skyrocket your IG engagement (on demand)” then here are some instructions on how to build a million dollar business:

  1. Make a product people want
  2. Sell it to people
  3. Give good service

TL; DR right there :rofl:

ahahahhahah sometimes I think the same:D