Slave followers conversion

What’s the easiest way to see how many of the slave’s followers are now following the main?

Hello @cowboymug, depends, how many slaves do you have ?

You can check it manually if not more than 15-20. If more, you just have to do the maths with your growth before slavin’ your main, and after putting “ON” your slaves :egg::hatching_chick:

  1. Go to the Jarvee follow tool ‘Results’ tab of the master account.
  2. Export all results
  3. Import into Excel or a similar application.
  4. Filter by ‘Followed Back: Yes’
  5. Copy full list into a new sheet
  6. Filter by the date
  7. Repeat for all other relevant tools
  8. Subtract the total number of followbacks from the total follower gain over the time period

@embraceone Very nice trick if you actually manage to put the main acc on Jarvee ! :ok_hand:

Can be a bit more complicated to set up with more than 1 Jarvee licenses tho…

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What happens if the main account is not under your control?

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Is it possible to see the conversion for each slave account separately?

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@embraceone This is a really good method, thanks for sharing :hugs:

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How do you filter out the ones you gained through hashtag rankings?

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very nice idea, thank you for sharing!

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@Mastema @Ghosa

Thank you very much.


Tricky, but not impossible. It will just be a more time consuming process


The closest you could get is by extracting the results from all tools and isolating the usernames of all of them, as well as the followers of each slave within a certain period and then viewing duplicates against the followers of the master account.


On your Instagram account, Click on ‘See all’ under the posts column in your Business Insights. Thereafter you can filter by engagement type. Set the engagement type to ‘Follows’ and you can see exactly how many followers you’ve gained from each post over the desired time frame. You can then weigh this against your other results. @runninx77 you can use this method to figure out follower growth if you are not managing the account yourself. If your client is using a growth service of their own, you will have to ask them to send you their native results from the provider.


Keep in mind that some followers come organically, even if it’s a slave account. What I would do is extract all followers of the mother and slave accounts, then write a function in excel to compare. :slight_smile:


It really just comes down to opportunity cost at the end of the day. I try to avoid nitpicking personally! :upside_down_face:

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@embraceone sure bro, please don’t interpret my message as nitpicking, because that wasn’t my intention :blush: