Slight forum downtime


Wanted to say sorry to everyone for the slight downtime we had with the forum. It seems it reached the maximum hdd limit on digitalocean and it couldn’t create new posts/replies. Just upgraded it to the next plan so it should work nicely going forward and even better as the new plan comes with more ram and cpu power as well :slight_smile:


Thanks for the update Master Yoda!

Too much traffic / usage is a good problem to have :slight_smile:


Definitely, though that was not it, but the actual size it occupies on the hdd :slight_smile: Still it’s definitely a good thing and we’re growing both as a forum and as a community helping each other thanks to all of you :wink: So good job on filling all the digitalocean HDD space :joy:



:joy: good one


I was like “OMG, it’s gone!” when I saw the 502 error! No, in all seriousnesses, I figured it was probably server/traffic/volume related, but it was a reminder of what an invaluable forum this is to me.


Pages load a bit faster!


Johnny made MPSocial great again😎


I see that you like that gif a lot :smiley:

I’m wondering how long it will last