Slow Growth So Far - Are my methods Correct?

Hi there, I am new to this forum. I have been using a variety of tools to grow my personal account.

I have used Gramista for months but now have stopped and am using FollowerAdder.

I also use a somewhat secret service which is essentially autolikes on my posts (not powerlikes though).

My account is currently at 4k followers (@poisonedgoat), I am part of an engagement group too.

Ultimately I want to get into growing accounts and have been researching loads!!!

I have come across some interesting information I would just like some guidance on if possible.

I have read about the “Fan page” method of having multiple accounts which link to your main account and have these accounts doing follow/unfollow. I have heard this grows your account massively. I have identified that using aged accounts for this is wise and there are tools like InstaAuto which serves the purposes of this nicely.

I guess i am wondering if this is a good approach to take and how one would add posts to these accounts without having the accounts registered to my IP/phone etc.

Any help would be much appreciated.


How did you find an engagement group? I am at 15.1k but I can’t seem to find one

I actually got invited to one, but you can google search for telegram engagement groups and find one for your niche.

Do you know if you’re shadowbanned from the botting?

Also if anyone wants an engagement group, I run a discord full of meme pages, with follower counts ranging from a dozen followers to millions. To join, just DM me on instagram and tell me your discord username so i can verify you in it.

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If the auto likes are not from real accounts, and consistently similar kinds of accounts, then these might be useless for your growth.

Follow/Unfollow is definitely going to be your biggest tool right now. Try experimenting with Jarvee instead of FollowAdder if you have the time/inclination. It gives you more control.

Engagement groups are a very good idea, but make sure the other people in your group are as motivated as you and have good engagement rates themselves otherwise it’s useless.

Feeder accounts or “fan accounts” are useful, but not at the stage where you have only 4k followers. It’s usually done by “big” accounts, say 150k+ or 250k+ accounts who don’t want to do the F/UF method themselves because the main account becomes too valuable to risk like that. So the smaller fan accounts do the f/uf work and “feed” followers to the main acc.

Jarvee will help you do the last bit.

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Thank you so much lazerlight for your help!

Yes I am starting to wonder now as with my auto likes, my overall likes appear to be dropping, so I heard it’s good to change sources. However, these auto likes have been helping me reach the Top page on my chosen hashtags, so there is a benefit still I guess…

Would powerlikes be worth me trying with such a low following? Would I even be able to reach the explore page at this level?

I was kind of getting the impression that “fan accounts” would be more suited to higher followings, so thank you for confirming that.

I have been looking at Jarvee and i think I will be going to give it a try next like you said, I hear it offers a lot more control. So I shall jump on Jarvee in the next few days.

Thanks again for your advice.

@gshocked I have heard different ways to check if you’ve been shadow banned.

I believe there maybe sites that can check this for you like: but i do not know how reliable they are…

I think there are some manual ways which relate to polling your following in a Story to see if they’ve been seeing your posts.

I need to do some more research on this myself, I shall do just that and then share my findings.