Small 50K+ High quality engagement group

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Hello everyone,
I’m looking to join ( or to start ) a Engagement Group with very strict criteria :

  1. 50k+ only
  2. EG size between 20 and 60 members
  3. Joiners must already have a pretty good engagement rate

This is my IG : @wonder_thom

Anybody interested ?
Feel free to contact me :wink:


What niche? Be a waste of time if general types

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I was thinkink ‘Photography’ (because I’m a photographer).
But I don’t see why we should limit to only that. I’m followed and liked by many other types and my intention is not to be liked by photographers only.
I’ll be glad to read your thoughts on the subject.
Thank you for your answer and have a good day !

I’m interested. My IG is @ConnorLipke

I’m a photographer but my account is focused on my travel/dogs. I just followed you.

Hey Connor,
Thanks for your answer :wink:
I Followed you too.
Would you agree to the following rules ? :

  1. Follow every group member ( that you already did :wink: )
  2. Like the latest post of all group members
  3. Comment the latest post of all group members
  4. Warn the members when you decide to leave the group

Other ideas are welcome.


P.S. : I just liked and commented your latest post

Yessir! I liked and commented on yours as well! Will this group be via DM or telegram?

Cool thanks.
I was thinking more DM cause I need to be very mobile all the time.
But I’m not against Telegram if a majority of people prefers that…

Have a good day !

I only asked because you said in the first post 20-60 members. I believe DMs are capped at like 15 or something, so we’d need multiple groups if we did that. I personally prefer DM.

Oh yeah, you’re right !
I guess when/if we reach >15 we’ll move to Telegram.
Let’s stay on DM on the moment then :wink:

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The way exposure works in the explore page. If I have a cat account and like a photo of yours say a bikini model or car. My followers would see that post on their feed. That’s why for these groups to be effective they must be in same niche. They followed me for cats not bikini. Vice versa for you. If you photograph say landscapes and like my cat posts your followers will see those little bastards on explore page. Keep your members in your niche else wasted.


Thank you for your answer.
How do you know about this ? I have never read anything about IG’s algo working this way anywhere…
Are you sure ?
I may be wrong but, for me, my explorer feed reflects mostly what I liked in the past (specially the most recent).

You just answered your own question


No, you go further than what I wrote. I said that my likes affect my explorer feed but you say it affects my followers’ feed too ! Personally, I doubt that…

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In case you in doubt of what I say. In less than 3 I years I got 3 million followers. Experience was my guide