How do EG/DM groups work/What are powerlikes?


Many are asking how do powerlikes work and eg/dm groups. Here is a way to find out for yourself so you may better understand this principle. Say you have a dog account and it is following only dog accounts. On your explore feed you will see the majority of dog account postings. Now, with the same account follow many (big accounts 100k or more, say 10 to 15) of a way different niche, say cars or shoes. and like some of their posts. Give it about a hour later, look in your explore feed. Now you will see many posts away from dogs and they are related to the new niche you just followed. Those often are the liked posts of a different but related account LIKED by one of the accounts you just followed. That is the idea behind powerlikes and EG/DM groups.

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Good stuff. I remember when I first realized this, and how much of an “a-ha!” moment it was. You definitely gave a simpler and more streamlined explanation tho!

I had asked maybe a week ago, but no one had a clue, maybe you do. Are there any particular services that you would recommend for Powerlikes?


Thanks for the on point explanation man!


i cannot recommend any services.


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I`d recommend the Fuelgram Fuelgroups, not their powerlikes. You use one of your accounts to give likes and comments all the time and in exchange you get the same to any account you give. You can change the accounts getting likes and comments all the time, which makes it very worthy if you have 3-4 accounts on which you want to get likes, but at the same time you dont want to sacrifice more than one of your accounts. Why is it a sacrifice? Because the account you log in with will like 1200 per day and comment on 60 or more posts per day, which leads to shadowbanning. I used to get around 2000 expressions on a post from my account with 4k followers, now I roughly get 900.
One GREAT feature is that the comments are customizable - you can choose what comments you are going to get from the other accounts. You literally write them in a field and you get them - simple as that. For the lazy folk out there - there is also the option to choose random comments, which are chosen automatically by the niche you select. You can then choose whether you want longer or shorter sentences and many or less emojis.
Why I prefer Fuelgroups and not Powerlikes. The difference is that in Fuelgroups you have to sacrifice one of your quality accounts (they accept you only if you have high engagement) in order to get likes. The powerlikes dont require an account to sacrifice, but cost much more. Powerlikes to 1 post cost $5, whereas being able to participate in the Fuelgroups costs ~$20 for a month for many more posts.
The only drawback is that you have to pay ~$20 both for likes and comments, they come in 2 different packages.

That was my opinion on this topic.



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He is Dutch, so at this time he will most likely be dreaming of Gouda cheese and wooden shoes.


Of course :tipping_hand_man:t4:

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A FATAL THOUGHT shared by many is once we get powerlikes it will assure success. If you have the worst tasting food and you own a cookery, all the people in the world can taste it, not one will buy. Instagram does not have food to taste, but posts. Remember that. Crap or average content will assure your failure, than one blames that powerlikes don’t work. They work,IF IF you have excellent content.


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possibly I did not make crystal clear to ALL. IF the powerlikes ( or groups) is not, repeat NOT in the same niche, you will be pissing money ( or time) away. Above example, you will not grow as effective as if it is in the same niche.


Hey Albert am sure you are extremely busy sorry to bother you I just want help
I wanted to ask you if you knew any powerlike for niche such as fashion /beauty am trying to growth my instagram page slowly


i do not know any


Can you send me the aff link to your heart? :revolving_hearts:


Do power likes work as well now? I see this was posted about a year ago…


Hey guys, if you guys need a reliable power like or comment service, please checkout You can try it risk free for 3 days!

Feel free to use ‘MP’ for 33% lfietime discount!

Check out the sales thread here for more info!


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the are more important now than ever as ER is the basis of growth now. They will NEVER go away as powerful tools.