Smart proxies -> residential proxies

Hey guys, I’ve been searching for good residential proxies to use for managing clients accounts. I’ve seen came across this package at smart proxies which is 75$ / a month with 5GB. How many accounts can I roughly automate with such a package? I’m not planning on going too aggressive with the follows, mainly targeted likes

Your post sounds like an ad.

Rotating proxies are bad for account management.
Their proxies are being abused for account creation.
Not recommended.

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not an ad i can asure you, i’m just curious about that specific service. Is there another site or place you can recommend to get proxies for ig account management?

It’s been awhile since I kept track but from what I remember it was about 150-400MB per account per day and that was about 400 follows 300 likes and a few posts.

I used the smart proxy package for creating accounts only since it’s too costly to run otherwise

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Okay thanks, i’ll keep that number in mind and yea it is pretty costly indeed. But i am willing to pay a premium for good quality proxies so when i do scale with clients that i’m getting minimum errors and blocks on ig. I’ll have to research a bit more

From the data I have the average is 30-150GB/10 accounts.
That would come out to 1/2 accounts for $75. Pretty expensive :slight_smile:

I see no reason to go with residential over mobile, Don’t waste your money on it