😈 [POLL] Content + spintax VS Content + specific caption

I have a lot of accounts in different niches.
For each of my accounts i manually chose content and also manually edit its caption.
Of course i use repost feature, it really makes my life easier, but not enough, cuz anyway - i have manually to check and edit caption.

For the “light” niches, like girls, tattoo and etc i can use spintax and its okay, but for the niches like: auto, inferior, travel and its impossible to use spintax (i guess) , cuz people want to know “what the car is it” or “what/where the place is it” and so on.

Really to say - when im surfing instagram im not always look at post’s caption and is not always important for me. But I’m not sure about other people

So, what do u think guys - are there any sense to spend a lot of time each month for editing content or i just have to use spin tax and don’t waste my time ?

Aaaaand lets vote :slight_smile:

  • :scream: I use specific caption
  • :sunglasses: I use spin tax

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That’s true, but simply don’t do “what people want to know” (If you want to make your life easier).

I use Spin text and that’s absolutely crazy cool!
Invented something general so it will be fine for any caption :smile:


Hi, im quit to use specific caption and for now use only spintax )