SMM Panel... does anyone know of a reliable and functional one


I can help. Not sure why these so called big companies can’t figure this small thing out. You just need to play with sessions a bit. Its only possible if you have a custom bot. I’ve never used any third party bot as I created my own (long story, how I got into this). I’m doing likes with no issues. I have some clients on DC and some on my own proxies.

There are 2 type of blocks:

For either of these blocks there is no way in hell IG can detect a good custom bot that uses Andriod device with mobile proxies. Trust me on this, its simply your activity that lets them know that you are using automation.

1: Session Block: this is where you are not able to do likes on your bot but user is not blocked from any engagements on their mobile phone or web browser. Simply reset your session.

2: Hard Block: this is where window pops up telling user that they are blocked for next 7 days from doing any likes. This has always been in place, they simply extended the time of block from 1 day to 7 days and ask users to change their password.

I don’t mind helping people whos business is getting effected due to this. If you just need to boost few accounts please simply use any good chrome extensions. I myself lost over 100 clients due to this update but now getting ready to rebuild my customer base.

I haven’t been active on this forum much but I was trying to help someone yesterday who mentioned this forum so I logged in after a long while. If there are enough people (with clients) I can do a skype session and share my screen to educate you guys. Lets see…

*** To those who are not willing to share the solution, shame on you. For some people like me, this is the main source of income. Helping them out won’t effect your deep pockets!