SMM Panel... does anyone know of a reliable and functional one

As far i know worlds oldest panel is and still now they provide good service. You can try, expensive but reliable.

full url please? not sure if this still works but you can try

Try www.CheapPanel. com i am using it last one year

How long do followers last on cheap pannel? the followers on smmcastle seem to only last a couple of days even when I put 14 day garanteed option

Who else tried them and can tell?
www.CheapPanel. com
Seems like the guy is banned on BHW for not providing the service…

Truth is that none of them really last longer than 8 days before they start dropping regardless of the guarantee option, I always go for the 30 days auto refill option which I think is way better than others, and if I don’t go for the 30 days auto refill I’ll choose an option with 30x refill button which can also last for more than a month… I’ll advice you choose followers option with refill button or auto refill option

I have different panels for different options, I dedicated one for likes and views while another for just followers…

Im looking for one for followers
no bot traffic, can be mix 50% real 50% bot.
Prefer 100% real, dont care the cost
Need top quality users, if can target by geo perfect, if not - :frowning:

Any suggestions?

LOL I wasnt pressing the refill button I thought it would charge me again

Has anyone tried cheappannel and can confirm it works?

No it won’t… it’s part of what you paid for :joy: i

Try for followers, I repeat for just followers… they have high quality options for real followers, but I’ll advice you to send a ticket to ask about the service you are opting into but they are pretty pricey

They look like pure trash, low quality, your drop will be 100% in a week.
Waste of money.

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Can you recommend a better one since you just trashed one

What option did you use to add funds for smm follows?

PayPal… but you’ll need to read the PayPal payment instructions from their site before you proceed

I used bitcoin i hope it worked because there is nothing in my account yet.

How Fast did it take to go into your account after you sent the money?