SMM Panel... does anyone know of a reliable and functional one


I have been testing different means of providing IG likes to my clients posts since the breakout of IG new behavior. I tested a particular smm panel with $30 I made likes and views order and nothing seem to be working. Kindly help with a functional smm panel if you have any, please am really in need of this. Thanks


I’m interested as well.


guess none is working or noone is willing to share ; )


I guess none is willing to share…:man_shrugging:t4::man_shrugging:t4::man_shrugging:t4:

#5 is the most reliable & cheapest for like & views these days. DO NOT order followers on ANY panel as none of the speed times or delivery times are accurate & followers drops are horrible right now.

As far as likes they are slow but do eventually deliver

Views are pretty fast & they over deliver


Looks like registration is turned off for new users on that website.

Might be good for everyone to make a comprehensive list here of all of the panels and if they’ve tested them lately and how they are working.


Hadn’t used this one for a few weeks (client stopped trying with them and asked for a refund because quality was horrible but they did deliver). The quality is the obvious no photo accounts, weird accounts with little posts and such


Thanks so much for this… if I may ask l, when was the last time you use their views and likes service?


I’ll give this a try… but it would be of good gesture if anyone with working SMM Panel could help us here


PM me i have a private working panel


Most are non reliable these days even if they make likes working its for a few days then problems start again, its like that for a very long time now.


With followiz likes and views work great for me. Depending on how many likes you order though it could take days. I use them often


To register to have to ask for an account on BHW here is a link to their forum :


I tested this and they just took my money. No delivery.


I paid $30 4 days ago for test running on this site


Tested just 100 likes on 4 differen posts from different accounts then 100 views on another post from another account too

I have only gotten average of 40 likes on the 4 posts after 4 days and no views at all on the video


Followiz sent out an email today that they are being forced to stop service… :confused: They were one of the most reliable panels out there


They are almost irrelevant for major Social platforms now


which one ? which one is really working good with amount with these weekly updates ?


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I doubt that true, their website still runs fine and accepting orders


Yea, they immediately sent out an email the next day saying they made a mistake and are still up and running. I have continued using them the whole time with no problems.